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Nancy Deckant | Create Your Badge

Nancy Deckant
Art and Music Website

Artist Statment:

Art is powerful stuff! When it’s good, it can make you cry. When it’s not so good, it can make you cry. LOL! You artists know what I mean!

There is no knowing-it-all in painting. I make my plan, but once the paint hits the paper, I never know for sure what is going to happen. It’s more like a conversation than a report. The double-edged sword of creation is always present…surprise, excitement, mixed with some “Where did that come from?”

I apply a lot of paint and use the spontaneous nature of watercolor with the more fixed quality of opaque paint to give a unique effect.  The heavier weight of opaque paint provides a more solid feel, like an acrylic. When this heavier/opaque paint sits next to translucent watercolor, the painting vibrates in a different way.

2014 Three Rivers Art Festival - I will be exhibiting new works June 11-15, Booth 68 in the Artist Market.

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Songwriter Statement:

For most of my life I have been writing songs. Around 2010, I got serious about it. Now I spend half of my time in Nashville writing pop/rock and country music; the other half of my time I spend in Pittsburgh painting. Life is short people...I'm living it! This is where you can find me.